Copper Features

Copper Range Hood

Just installed, this copper range hood has two variations of copper patina. The main panels are dark brown antique texture with lighter patina on the trim.




Copper Gutter System

In the Gulf Islands this Mediterranean style villa was built in a traditional style including a European copper gutter system with all soldered connections and large 4 inch down spouts.








With gutter hangers on the outside, the gutters have no obstructions and are easy to clean.  Also the large 4 inch pipes will carry most debris down and out with the rain water.



Beside the ocean, the copper quickly developed an aged patina in just three months.

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Lantern Style Chimney Top

This customer has copper gas-fired lanterns along the front of his house and asked me to make a chimney top in the same style.  Brass bars support a copper screen across the openings.


Copper Curved Chimney Tops

Multiple copper features can create a nice theme. Each of these chimney tops is a different size with the largest one at 8 feet long.

Dome Top Copper Chimney Shrouds

For this home with 10 chimneys and many other copper details, I made these custom shrouds out of all copper including the copper screen for keeping the birds out. Over time the copper will weather into multiple dark colors for a old world look.


Indoor Copper Water Wall

At 18 feet high, water flows quietly down this copper panel and disappears beneath the stairway. There is a full mechanical room for this water feature with pumps and filters that clean, flush, fill, and drain the water feature as needed.


Copper Outdoor Water Feature

Water flows gently down this 8 foot wide set of copper panels. There is a concrete structure behind and a sealed concrete pool at the bottom which collects the water and contains a submerged pump  This customer wanted a copper theme so I also made the curved chimney top for the front of the house.

On the back of the feature, there plumbing for a water supply, drain (hose connected) and filter.