Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs

Feature Roof on Vernon Home

When you approach this home, the roof is the first and largest feature of the house you see. This customer wanted an impressive looking roof for this reason.
Color: Matte Black
Panel Size: 20″


Roof Replacement on Log Home

We replaced the roof on this Log home on the Shuswap River.  The old cedar shake roof was a haven for bugs and squirrels, so this customer wanted a roof that would keep them all out. I  also covered the old wood fascia boards with custom stepped fasca panels in the same material as the roof.


Cabin Roof at Anglemont

This green snap-rib roof is a hidden fastener system that gives a streamlined look to this classic style cabin. I also made custom oversized fascia panels to cover the 17 inch wide fascia boards.


Zinc Roof at the Outback

Ridge homes on this location have Standing Seam roofs formed from Rhinezinc, a classic unpainted bare metal.